6 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

6 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

Finding just the right Valentine’s gifts for men can be an exasperating affair women know all too well and try to avoid like the plague. They do not like anything we do, so we cannot tickle their fancy with designer purses, expensive shoes, or lingerie. (Well, they do like lingerie, but only if they are not the ones wearing it!) However, with February 14th right around the corner, women everywhere are confronting the arduous task of finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day for their significant other.

The rub is that usually by the time we know what they want, they have already gotten it. Christmas was less than two months ago, so unless the “next big thing” came out in January, most likely they have already gotten what they wanted. Now it is time to exercise the brain and start thinking a bit outside the box.

Yes, you could get confused with all the whatchamacallits and doohikies out there, but why drive yourself crazy? Here are some simple yet totally amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day for him that he is sure to love.

  1. Personalized Jewelry

    While jewelry is often at the top of every woman’s Valentine’s “Please Buy Me This” List, men can enjoy some great accessories as well, especially personalized jewelry! Engraved monogram cufflinks or dog tag necklaces are perfect options for the stylish man! Put a special message on there that shows you care!

  2. A Restaurant

    A nice juicy steak sounds a bit cliché but most men love a nice piece of meat. If you are not a world class chef or have no idea about cooking temperatures for meat, take him to a nice restaurant where he can indulge his carnivorous side!

  3. A Wallet

    Tired of seeing the same old threadbare wallet that is falling apart? Get him a nice leather one that will last, one that is low key for daily use but still looks good if he has to whip it out during a business lunch.

  4. Netflix Account

    Consider a Netflix account as the gift that keeps on giving…for both of you! Enjoy fun date nights at home, cuddled on the couch watching television shows and movies! Yes, it is for him, but you can enjoy it too!

  5. Be Practical

    You can always pick something practical that he is sure to love and use daily, such as a thermos, touchscreen gloves, or a nice set of headphones.

  6. Have Some Fun!

    Who says it needs to be a physical gift? Plan something fun and exciting! If you love nature, plan a fun hike for the day or a weekend camping excursion. You can also spend the day touring a local brewery, playing laser tag, or even going skydiving.

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