Monogrammed Gifts for Christmas

Monogrammed Christmas Gifts
With the holiday season upon us, the best gift-giving moment can only be summed in one word- thoughtfulness. What better way to tackle this goal than by a customized gift which carries one’s initials, which will only result in the giftee feeling special and appreciated.


Monogrammed jewelry in simple words are the initials of one’s first, middle, and last names interwoven and combined in a creative design in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring, or even earrings. Some may choose to customize their piece with the initials of their loved one- such as their children, or of their partner. The typical order of a monogram is the first name on the left, last name in the middle, and middle name on the right.


Personalized jewelry is always a fabulous option for a gift for a loved one as it takes a piece of jewelry and creates a story. A monogrammed piece of jewelry creates a narrative and reflects one’s personality. It is a wonderful way to express to someone how much you admire and appreciate them through something that is simply- personal. The receiver of the gift will truly cherish a monogrammed piece knowing that the gift you have selected is hand-crafted and custom made, especially for them. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.


At MyNameNecklace we have a vast selection of jewelry and accessories from our Monogram collection; including cufflinks, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Discover our 3D Monogram Necklace, which is a contemporary twist to the classic monogram necklace as it features a unique 3D structure, rather than the typical flat monogrammed structure. Our monogrammed cufflinks make a spectacular gift for men as they include a personal touch to a timeless piece, which he may treasure for years to come.


Overall, monogramed jewelry makes the ultimate personalized gift. It is a meaningful way to show that you care. Whether it is sterling silver or even rose gold, monograms are the perfect go-to for an everyday outfit to a night out. The timeless appeal displays that they stand the test of time. Receiving a monogrammed gift is more than just receiving a custom gift, it tells a meaningful story and represents a meaningful memory. Gifting monogrammed pieces, you are letting one know you are thinking of them, your gift is easily identified, it is a memory that lasts, as well as it forges a bond.

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