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The Perfect Mothers Day Necklaces & Gifts

The Perfect Mothers Day Necklaces & Gifts
Is there a better way to show your mother you care than personalized jewelry? Our unique custom made jewelry is the perfect Mother’s Day gift; one she will appreciate for years to come. Our Mothers Collection is filled with great gift ideas that your mother is sure to love!
Circle Pendant Necklace with Custom Beads™ in 18k Gold Plating

The Linda: Our Circle Pendant Necklace

Beautifully adorned with one to four beads, the Circle Pendant Necklace with Custom Beads™ in 18k Gold Plating, is otherwise known as the ‘Linda’. Why Linda? Because of how outrageously beautiful and striking this piece is! Each bead can be customized with a word or name of your choice, as well as there is a leaf charm and green accent stone. The green color was picked as it is the color of healing, hope, optimism, freedom, and balance. This Linda makes the ultimate Mother’s Day gift!

Silver Mother's Necklace with Children Charms

Engraved Necklaces

An engraved necklace works really well as a mom necklace gift for Mother's Day. Our jewelry is great because of the personal aspect; it isn’t just any piece of regular jewelry. One of our favorite items is the Silver Mother’s Necklace with Children Charms, beloved because one can add and engrave the names of all their loved ones onto cute little kids pendants. Moms love jewelry that show off their family, especially when showing off each child’s charm with a personalized twist. An engraved necklace with heart cut out is also a sweet piece that your mother will appreciate.

Family Tree Birthstone Necklace - 18k Gold Plated

Family Tree Jewelry

Recently family tree necklaces have been making waves with mother’s all over the world. These beautiful necklaces feature the engravings of your family members names, along with a tree, representing the strong unifying bond that families have. If you’re looking for a gift for a mom with more than a few kids, this will definitely bring tears of joy to her eyes. Many of our family tree necklaces can even be personalized with birthstones representing the birth month of each child.

Mom Birthstone necklace in Gold Plating

Other popular styles

Are you looking for different types of jewelry, such as an initial necklace, or a gorgeous birthstone necklace? Moms will absolutely relish the thought put into these personalized gifts! You can also choose from our wide variety of heart necklaces which come with or without birthstones and can be ordered in silver, gold plated, or even gold! If you’re a fan of diamonds, you might even want to add one to make the gift extra special.

Stackable Birthstone Name Ring

Name rings

Another unique option is giving your mom a personalized ring. A ring is a classic gift, simple yet oh so special. If you have your wife’s or mother’s ring size, you will cherish the moment when she puts on this distinct gift and her face lights up. Re-sizing the ring is free as well, so if you are a little off with your ring size guessing, we can always fix it for you.

Three Name Ring with Gold Plating

Rings for mothers

If mom has two or three kids, why not have some fun with a mother ring? If it’s two kids you can have the names of the children engraved on the top and bottom ring, and the middle ring engraved with the family’s last name or with yours! For three kids you can have each of the kids three first names incorporated in the ring. If you are having trouble figuring out mom’s ring size, check out our guide for secretly determining her ring size.

Multiple Infinity Bracelet with Gold Plating

Custom made just for you

All our jewelry is 100% custom made, and thus makes a perfect personal gift for mothers and grandmothers alike. Check out our Mother’s Collection below for other jewelry mom will love! And don’t forget to order in time to receive your gift for Mother’s Day. We always offer free and secure shipping, so this year make it personal, with a gift from MyNameNecklace! Happy Mother’s Day!

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