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Explore personalized stone jewelry that are magnetizing, bold aesthetics allowing
you to sparkle in style with eye-catching elegance. Which stone are you?

Hand Selected. Hand Cut. Hand Set. To Perfection : Choose Your Stone

Different types of stone jewelry make up our different personalities. At My Name Necklace, one can explore a selection of many exceptional, personalized pieces that fit to all types of individuals’ signature styles

Find breathtaking birthstone jewelry; such as brilliant birthstone necklaces, birthstone bracelets, and birthstone rings that express and celebrate you! Through vivid colors, connect to your month of birth, perfect for a special occasion. In addition, discover gemstone jewelry that instill strength and are symbols that empower. Through lavish, electric colors of gemstone bracelets and gemstone necklaces, indulge in tempting gemstones and chase the rainbow.

In order to crystalize your look, uncover Our Swarovski crystal jewelry, diamond, and cubic zirconia collections. Our Swarovski necklaces, Diamond Name Necklaces, and Cubic Zirconia necklaces will allow you to leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Shimmer and radiate with pieces that ignite confidence. You were born to shine! Our collections make a loving keepsake for a loved one or a gift to treat yourself.

Whichever best speaks to you, these luminous stones make unforgettable, meaningful, treasured gifts which represent personal symbols of love, as our pieces may be customized as one pleases with words or names of importance, capturing memories!

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