Monogramming initials guide

By Mike Moyer

Love our monogram necklace but not sure what initials to use or what order to put them in? Our easy guide will tell you exactly what to do!
Monogramming a Gift for a Woman:
A monogram necklace is a perfect gift for women! Her first name initial should be on the left, followed by the initial of her last name in the middle, and finally her middle name initial on the right. For example, Lisa Beth Moore would be monogrammed as:
For an Engaged/Married Couple:
The letter on the left of the monogram necklace should be the initial of the bride's first name; the letter on the right should be the initial of the groom's first name; and the middle will be the position for the initial of the couple's last name. For example Mary and Joseph Fine would be:
Monogramming a Gift for a Man:
For men's monogrammed jewelry, a straight forward approach is usually taken. The first name initial is on the left, the middle name initial in the middle and the last name initial on the right. For example, John Henry Smith would be:
Monogramming Gifts for Children:
Children will love their very own monogram bracelet! They follow the first, last, middle initial order. For example Cynthia Ann Miller would be:
By following our instructions, your monogrammed necklace will be the most stylish gift they can receive! They will love their monogram jewelry and the dedication put into this wonderful gift!

Now that you know proper monogram etiqutte, shop some of our best selling monogrammed jewelry!
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